Water Distiller Electricity Price

When it comes to our water distillers here at Make Water Pure, people often contact us who may have never used a water distiller before. Aside from the obvious questions regarding the process of distillation and the distiller system itself, we’ve found the most common queries usually centre around the price.

In some cases it’s a question regarding the price of the system itself and in other cases it’s regarding the running of the machine and whether or not it’s simply better to buy bottled water. Below you’ll find the answers to both questions in full, explaining just why you won’t find a better option than our quality stainless steel water distillers.

Electricty price per litre

Water Distiller Electricity CostThis question can always be answered relatively easy. The electricity price per litre of pure distilled water from one of our water distillers usually averages out at 9p per litre.

The question then asked is how does that compare to bottled water that can simply be picked from the shelf. Well, when it comes to bottled water in this country, it’s safe to say that the price can indeed vary greatly.

Costing approximately a whopping £0.59 per litre, suffice to say that’s not cheap by any means of the word and most certainly isn’t something you want to be paying for daily simply because you want to avoid the contaminants and toxins that are pumped into our public water constantly.

At any one time the average consumer here in the UK has access to over fifty-five different brands of supposedly clean, still bottled water. They range from award winning brands such as the charity Excellent Development’s still bottled water to own branded bottled water from popular supermarket chains we all know and no doubt often frequent.

A recent study by Excellent Development, which focused on the still bottled water that can be bought in our supermarkets and online shops, was very recently carried out. It found that the still bottled water we so regularly purchase ranged from those sourced here in England to others sourced in thirteen other countries such as Norway, Germany and even America. Can we really afford to be surprised at the price of water when it would appear that not only are we paying for it to be packaged but we’re also paying its air miles too?

Now, there were indeed a few own branded versions of bottled water that came out at around 9-10p per litre. No different we hear you say. Unfortunately that’s not the case at all. In spite of some brands being available at a relatively cheap price, it would seem they aren’t as clean and as safe as many would have us believe. Some of the water that’s been labelled pure and clean is in fact very misleading. It may have been purified by a filter, by reverse osmosis or in some cases, by nothing at all. Tests on a number of leading brands of bottled water sadly turned up a number of different contaminants and toxins including the cancer-linked chemicals we’re trying so hard to avoid in our tap water.

The findings quite clearly challenge the popular belief that bottled water is in fact purer than tap water. Lab tests detected over thirty eight chemicals in ten different brands with on average around eight different contaminants in each kind of bottled water. The contaminants found included bacteria, caffeine, pain relievers, fertilisers, solvents and even some radioactive elements.

The question then remains do you pay more money in the hope of consuming bottled water that is in fact as pure as it states or do you pay less and risk consuming just as many contaminants as you would if you drank from your kitchen tap? On top of this there’s also the added downside of the harm that bottled water is constantly doing to our environment. Bottled water alone is responsible for one and a half million tonnes of plastic waste every single year. If that’s not bad enough, the plastic itself takes around forty seven million gallons of oil to make and in spite of this a minimal 20% of bottles are recycled. So what’s the best option?

Stop buying bottled water and start using a home water distiller that will produce truly pure water (99.8% pure) for a minimal 9p per litre. Here at Make Water Pure, our water distillers are even more cost effective than most simply because of the speed at which they work. Whilst the majority of distillers can take around four to six hours to produce four litres of water, our quality machines take a mere three hours which means even more savings on energy. Simply pick up a reusable bottle and fill it with the perfectly pure water that you distil yourself in the convenience of your own home.

Price per distiller

Best Price DistillersThe prices of water distillers themselves can be another area in which there’s a lot of variation. Take a look on the Internet and you’ll see that counter top machines for the home can range anywhere from £139 to £3-400 and more. Whilst many want to save money and get the best deal they can they also want to make sure they’re buying a product of quality and a system that will last them for many years to come.

Here at Make Water Pure we not only supply high quality stainless steel water distiller systems that are built to last but we also offer them at the best price on the market. Starting from just £139 you can purchase an entire system that’s ready to go as soon as it’s delivered. Another money saving aspect of our service is our free delivery too. Where many would charge obscene amounts of money to have the system delivered to your door, here at Make Water Pure we’ll do it for free and to thank you for your custom we’ll throw in a years warranty for free too. With so many different companies selling from across the pond it makes sense to buy from a local dealer that offers great quality and value with an after service that’s nothing short of exceptional.

Water Distillers

If you’re looking to avoid the contaminants and toxins in your tap water with the help of an affordable and safe system, then there’s only one place to go and that’s here at Make Water Pure. For more information on the water distillers we have available click here.