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Most people realise that water is extremely important and essential to human life. Drinking water alone can help improve your level of health by astronomical amounts. Drinking enough of the clear stuff is integral to our good health so if you want to see immediate results then at the very least two litres of water a day are a must.

You’ll notice energy levels rocket but what if our water is contaminated and what if you have someone else to think about too? Here at Make Water Pure our water distillers for sale are selling like hot cakes but what we didn’t realise is that a certain clientele would be heading towards us at such force.

Chemicals in tap water are just too much to risk when pregnant

With their health at an all time height of importance along with the health of their unborn child, the chemicals in their tap water are just too much to risk and distilled water it would seem is the only way to go. So should pregnant women be thinking about the water they drink and how it might affect their babies?

At first glance it’s safe to say that regular ‘contaminated’ tap water is better than no water at all. When it contains chemicals and toxins such as lead, mercury, nitrates, fluoride and chlorine however, then maybe we need to start worrying.

Whatever a pregnant woman consumes, the unborn child will naturally consume too so should we carry on feeding our developing foetus or even fully developed babies such harsh chemicals that we fear damage our own tougher, hardier adult bodies?

Don't feed your unborn child harmful chemicals

During pregnancy the information regarding ingredients and additives becomes very important. Of course occasionally drinking water from a water fountain or tap isn’t going to “get” you but for your continuous water needs then perhaps you should think about a better source of safe drinking water.

This is especially important when carrying a child. Let’s face it, as a pregnant woman with the worry of a growing child the last thing you want to do is continuously pump them full of harmful substances. We stop smoking and we stop drinking but why continue to feed them fluoride or other such nasty’s?

With the best water distiller from us here at MWP you can make four litres of the purest water available to you on a daily basis. You’ll no longer be feeding yourself or your unborn child harmful chemicals and what’s better is the fact that pure distilled water even helps to rid your body of the harmful chemicals and toxins that have built up and collected in our bodies over the years.

Give your unborn child a better start in life by using a Water Distiller

By choosing one of our distillers for sale you’ll be giving your unborn child a better start in life and what could be better than great health and well being?