Distilled Water Frequently Asked Questions

Distilled Water FAQs



I read distilled water is healthier for you, but why?
Well, NO other water purification process can remove pollutants and contaminants more effectively than water distillation.
Why is distilled water better than filtered water?
  • Our Water distillers are much more effective at eliminating pollutants and contaminants than water filters.
  • Bacteria can form in water filters making them more contaminated than normal tap water if they get neglected and clogged.
  • Make Water Pure distillation systems do not require filter cartridges so there is no need to buy or replace dirty filters.
  • Water distillers will save you time and money and most importantly, filtered water IS NOT as pure as distilled water.
What about reverse osmosis systems?
  • Similar to water filtration systems, reverse osmosis cannot eliminate the pollutants and contaminants that are removed through distillation.
  • Bacteria can form making them more contaminated than normal tap water if they get neglected and clogged.
Do we need the fluoride to prevent dental cavities?
While there is already enough fluoride in toothpaste to keep away cavities, there is much controversy about the harmful effects of fluoride.
What about the minerals eliminated through distillation?
95% of the minerals our bodies absorb are actually from the foods we eat and not the water we drink. Multi-mineral supplements that can be purchased in most supermarkets are a far better source.
Is it true that distilled water leach minerals from the body?
These claims are usually made by competing water filter companies trying to convince people to buy the products they sell. There is NO scientific study whatsoever that verifiably demonstrates any leaching of minerals from the body due to drinking distilled water.
Does distilled water taste flat?
No. The water you make is fresh unlike the water you buy from supermarkets that may have been sitting for weeks or months in warehouses. Distilled water being in its purest form has a neutral taste. The water will taste fresh!
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Water Distiller FAQs



What comes with the unit?
Everything you need is included with your purchase. Each unit comes with a 4 Litre Collection and Storage container, an Activated Carbon Sachet assembly and Cleaning Crystals.
How does it work?
  • Make Water Pure units uses the distillation process.
  • Sterilised steam is produced from the vapourising chamber that is filled with normal tap water.
  • The purified steam vapour free from chemicals, pollutants, toxins and other contaminants is then condensed back into its original liquid water state.
  • This is the most effective water filtration process.
Are water distillers expensive?
Our systems are affordable and actually SAVE you money paying for themselves in just a short period of time! NO MORE BOTTLED WATER or FILTER CARTRIDGES to replace.
Is your water distiller easy to use?
  • Yes, it is very easy to use.
  • The unit requires No plumbing.
    • Unplug and lift off the top. Place the filling tank in your sink. Rinse away and if necessary sponge with a couple drops of regular washing up liquid and rinse again.
    • While still in the sink fill it with tap water no higher than the full water level inside the filling tank.
    • Place on your worktop and dry. Replace the top and plug it in.
    • Position the collection container under the drip, and push the button to start.
    • The unit automatically turns off after 4 Litres of pure water has been made.
Does the unit require supervision?
No, the unit requires no supervision. Upon placing the collection container under the outlet spout, you can the turn it on. The unit automatically turns off when it has completed.
What is the size of the collection container?
Four Litres of pure water.
How long will it take to make 4 Litres of distilled water?
It takes approximately 4 hours to make 4 Litres.
Can you guarantee the water has been purified, and the unit is operating properly?
The unique feature of water distillation units is that only purified water can get into the collection container having first being turned into steam.
What happens to the contaminants?
The contaminants that were taken out of the water remains in the bottom of the boiling chamber until disposed of when cleaning and rinsing.
How do you know if the unit needs cleaning?
There will be visual signs at the bottom of the filling tank. If you do notice some residue then simply sponge and rinse away.
How do you clean it?
We recommend you give the filling tank a quick cleaning before each cycle. Just use a few drops of washing up liquid and a soft sponge. For stubborn residue, use a 1/2 cup of white vinegar and a little warm water, and leave for an hour or so and rinse. In rare cases of extremely hard water, the unit comes with cleaning crystals.
How much does it cost to make 4 litres?
The cost is only for electricity and tap water which is very minimal. These costs are estimated to be aprox 10 Pence per Litre. This is much cheaper in comparison to the cost of bottled water, not to mention the inconvenience of carrying it from the store. And more importantly, bottled water is NOT as PURE as distilled water. Pay less and drink pure water!
How much electricity is required?
220 to 240 volts depending on your household current.
How hot do they get?
As the heating element is enclosed to minimise heat loss the unit produces less heat than a boiling kettle. You will however still notice some heat from the fan exhaust.
Are they noisey?
The condensing coil fan is small though it will make a normal "fan" type noise, we have never had any complaints regarding noise.
Do any parts need replacing periodically?
No replaceable parts are required with the exception for the OPTIONAL Activated Carbon Sachets.
What are the Activated Carbon Sachets?
These help to remove gases and can be used if you have unusual odorous or bad tasting source water to begin with. They are simply placed in the Sachet Housing that is positioned between the unit outlet and the collection container. We do offer approximately one year supply (12 packs) of additional sachets through the store.
What is Activated Carbon?
Activated carbon is a completely harmless and safe to use organic material with a high carbon content such as coconut shells.
Can you still get good quality water without using activated carbon?
The use of activated carbon is a personal preference. It is recommended that you use the supplied activated carbon sachets for at least a few days to help eliminate any ‘new’ smell and taste from the storage/collection container. Some customers prefer the taste a little better using the activated carbon sachets, which also helps to eliminate any residual gases that may be present.
How long will it take before I receive my order?
Generally 2 days however please allow up to 5 working days as some orders may take a little longer.