Learn about the water your water distiller at home makes

Everything you could want to know about the water your water distiller at home makes 

For those who own a water distiller at home from us here at Make Water Pure, you’ll know full well the health benefits that it offers but did you know that distilled water is the only type of water that actually meets the definition of water, this being hydrogen and oxygen alone?

Water without the impurities

Water Distiller BEFORE and AFTER Tap Water is distilled in it

As we all know, distilled water is water that’s been turned into a vapour with its impurities left behind. It then gets condensed and turns back into water, impurity free. It’s perfectly natural and is, better still, odourless and colourless. Due to the process of distillation leaving all impurities behind it alsoleaves behind all inorganic minerals including salt, so for those trying their best to cut salt from their diet this is yet another way to do that.

Most ideal and beneficial type of water for all humans

It’s considered to be the most ideal and beneficial type of water for all humans and even animals, as it leaves no residue of any kind when it enters or leaves the body. Compare this to our everyday tap water that unfortunately fills our bodies with fluoride, chlorine and aluminium sulphate to name just a few. Not only does it not leave any horrid residue behind but it also does a fantastic job of collecting and removing the toxic and inorganic minerals that have been rejected and subsequently stored by the body. It does this by dissolving inorganic minerals for instance that have become lodged in the tissues of our body allowing them to be flushed out.

Woman drinking distilled water

Give your body what it needs by using a home water distiller

By using a distilled water machine at home you are essentially giving your body water that’s been proven to help it function to the best of its abilities. It’s considered the perfect water for the function of our kidneys and the ideal liquid for our blood. It’s also the best liquid for encouraging efficient functioning of the lungs, stomach, liver and just about every other vital organ. The simple fact that all drug prescriptions are formulated with distilled water speaks volumes alone.

Not just for drinking, make food with it too

Distilled water is quite simply fresh, clean and very pleasing to the palate. One taste will show you just how pure it really is. On top of this it makes food and drinks that have been prepared with it taste a lot better. Without a string of additives, the flavours of the ingredients can shine through and take centre stage. 

Get a Water Distiller for your home today and never look back

Stainless steel water distiller

If you aren’t already the owner of a water distiller for the home then don’t worry because with our amazing deals here at Make Water Pure you can be. For less than £150 you can buy an entire distillation system that will provide you with four litres of what is the only pure water left on our polluted planet and it’ll do it all in just three hours too. Distilled water is the future of hydration, health and quite simply the only way forward.