Water fluoridation, Health Risks and Cancer!

The topic of water fluoridation has been an interesting one for many years now. Skeptics do argue that there’s no evidence to support the numerous claims of water fluoridation being harmful to our health however if this were true, why are towns all around the world coming together in order to ban this form of water treatment once and for all. Towns here in the UK as well as Australia, Canada and the U.S. have all been convinced of the harm that fluoride can have on our health, with Cancer a particular worry, and for good reason too.

Sodium fluoride, sodium silicofluoride and hydrofluorosilic acid are all used in dental offices along with toothpastes and water treatment plants. They’re toxic waste substances that have been manufactured during the creation processes in fertilizer, steel, aluminium and nuclear industries. Now despite this information, there are still people out there who believe fluoride is good for your health but we’re here to tell you the truth. Would you be surprised to learn that fluoride is now listed as a neurotoxin in official medical journals? The man responsible for such research, as well as making public claims regarding the link between fluoride and cancer, goes by the name of Dr Dean Burk, so who is Dr Dean Burk? 

Who is Dr Dean Burk?

Dr Dean Burk was born in the United States and became a biochemist. During his career he discovered biotin, a chemical that’s necessary for cell growth and the production of fatty acids as well as the metabolism of fats and amino acids. He was also the head chemist at the National Cancer Institutes Cytochemistry Sector, as well as part of the National Institute of health under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. He received the highly regarded Hilderbrand Prize in 1952 for his work on photosynthesis as well as the Gerhard Domagk Prize in 1965 for procedures he developed that allowed us to distinguish between a normal cell and one damaged by cancer.

He sadly died in 1988 as one of the most famous scientists of our time. An example of the quality of his work can be seen in the fact that his 1934 published works, “The Determination of Enzyme Dissociation Constants” is still one of the most frequently cited papers in all the history of biochemistry. As you can undoubtedly see, this man most certainly knew his science, which is why we find it hard to believe that it was a coincidence he left it until his much later years to speak up about his findings with regards to fluoride. The interview in which he released all the information he had on fluoride was recorded in Holland in the 1970’s. It was noted at the time how surprising this was considering he’d never given interviews before in the United States.

Toxic fluoride and cancer

Today as a result of Dr Dean Burk’s findings, along with a number of other studies, Fluoride is now officially known as a toxic chemical, so much so that if you accidently swallowed some from your toothpaste then you’d be advised to call poison control. The government no longer hides the fact that fluoride is toxic for the simple reason that these findings, Dr Dean Burks in particular, cannot be refuted. The fluoride that’s used in the water supply is poison and there’s now no good reason as to why it’s being administered into the population, no matter what the dose rate.

On top of that, there’s simply never been any evidence to support the so-called “fact” that ingesting fluoride benefits teeth. This claim is even more interesting when dental health is examined in non-fluoridated regions and compared with that of fluoridated regions. What’s more frightening however, is the fact that fluoride is said to cause more cancer deaths than any other chemical and that’s something Dr Dean Burk has now become widely known for.

Connection between fluoride and an increased cancer risk

While this still sounds shocking to many, a great number of studies since Dr Dean Burk’s findings are drawing even closer attention to the connection between fluoride and an increased cancer risk. One paper in particular titled “Fluoride – A Modern Toxic Waste” actually highlighted research showing fluoride increases tumour growth by 25% at a minimal 1ppm. It was also shown to produce melanotic tumours as well as transform the normal cells into cancer cells. On top of this an increase in carcinogenesis of other chemicals was also seen.

As mentioned above, in 1977, Dr Dean Burk discovered the fact that 10,000 cancer deaths were caused by fluoridation during epidemiliogical studies. Analysis of rats found those who drank fluoridated water showed an increase in tumours and oral cancer cells. Others had developed a rare form of bone cancer known as osteosarcoma along with an increase in thyroid follicular cell tumours. Some even developed a very rare form of liver cancer that goes by the name of hepatocholangiocarcinoma. On top of this, Dr Dean Burk also discovered that fluoridation increased the cancer death rate. This was discovered when deaths from cancer rose immediately after fluoridation was introduced, in as little as a one year. The link between fluoride and cancer was set in stone.

As frightening as this is, these aren’t the only side effects we need to worry about when it comes to fluoridated water. Water fluoridation has also been linked to things such as lowered IQ’s in children, an early onset of puberty, lowered male fertility, a more aggressive form of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, dental fluorosis, bone fluorosis and thyroid problems. The side effects have been so extreme that select governments have already called for lowered fluoridation levels however until water fluoridation is eliminated completely, the risk to our health and a cancerous one at that, still remains.

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